Nubar Cleopatra Collection for Spring 2009

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Oh, what fun we'll have today!  I was so excited about these polishes that I tried to get them swatched for you last night, but I only got through four of the eight because I was too tired.  As soon as I woke up at 4:00 this morning, I decided to swatch the remaining four.  Since I was tired for half and groggy for half, these swatches do not represent my best application ever, but they show you the colors so I trust you'll forgive me.

    Since I love Nubars and purple is my favorite color, I've been on the edge of my seat for this collection since I first saw a press release for it.  I got them late yesterday (along with the other collection Nubar has for us this Spring, Coral Collection, which I'll show you tomorrow), and I melted into a little puddle when I saw them.  Once I collected myself enough to assemble myself back into a solid, I started swatching immediately.  As I swatched these, I started a color and decided, "This is my favorite," moved on to the next, decided, "This is my favorite," and did that for the whole thing.  I've simply concluded that I cannot pick a favorite, so I'll show them to you in the order that I swatched them, which happens to be the reverse of the order they're boxed (I always swatch lightest to darkest).  Each is only two coats, which is a rarity for me since I do thin coats and most polishes require three, over a base under artificial light.

    Here we go!

    Pharaoah Purple is a somewhat greyed deep lavender creme.  Vote #1 for my favorite...


    Isis Purple is a somewhat pinkish lavender creme.


    Hieroglyphs Purple is a rich purple creme leaning to a berry shade.


    Sphinx Purple is one that beats the heck out of the promo pictures.  It also leans to berry, but has such a strong shimmer it's just a little bit short of metallic.  It literally glows on the nail, and I don't think I did an adequate job of capturing that in my pictures.  It's definitely at least as good a glow as the SpaRitual glow I've raved about.


    Pyramid Purple is a cross between a muted lavender and a royal purple - it lands right in the middle, and is a creme.


    Here's where things started getting over-the-top with how cool they are (or else I'm just in fabulous purple polish overload!)  Nile Purple is a reddish purple with a fantastic sparkly shimmer.


    Cooler yet is Toga Purple, which is a true deep purple, but again with an amazing shimmer. 


    The grand finale is the blurple to end all blurples: Passionate Purple.  It's a deeply colored blue purple, but the far from black.  It's distinctly blurple and sparkly on the nail in normal lighting.


    Obviously (and predictibly), I'm a huge fan of this collection.  What I've found especially exciting about it is the shimmers - we've known for quite some time that Nubar can do fabulous cremes and duochromes, but these shimmers are seriously exceptional.  What I find exciting about that is the potential for what they'll be giving us in the future - if they have this kind of a handle on shimmers now, the limits of what we'll be seeing from Nubar seem boundless!

    As I mentioned in passing above, Nubar has also given us another collection this Spring, the Coral Collection.  After swatching this one, I'm really excited to see what the other one holds, and I will have that one for you tomorrow.  Both collections will be available within the next week from Nubar's site,  Nubar offers free shipping over $75.00, and in anticipation of these collections, I've swatched all of the Nubars I have for you.  If you just select the label Nubar from the drop-down box on the upper right of the page, you'll get all of those posts.  I did a five-part series on their duochromes (which realistically could have been much longer!) as well as many of their other collections, in case you want to do a major haul and take advantage of the free shipping.

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader!  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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