Subway Surfing with Coraline

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I bet you thought I forgot about you today, it's so late in the day without a post.  Never!  How could I ever forget you?

    I finally got around to doing my nails today - I've been one busy nailphile lately!  I decided to try a mani that I had in my head when I first saw the Coraline Kit I at wowsocool's site.  What I had in mind was a gunmetal grey with the hot Psyche Pink stamp from plate CO1 ("O" being the letter, not the number, for the record), using the button & crossbones pattern on the nailbed and something else on the tips.  I was too overwhelmed my how cool the plates were yesterday to settle on the details, but managed to pick a mani today!

    For the gunmetal, and largely for the name of this post, I selected Carolyn New York's Subway Surfing.  This is three coats over a base topped with one coat of SpaRitual Tout de Suite.



    Then I waited a few minutes and used the Psyche Pink, also adding a small flower pattern to my tips.  Much to my glee, the pink is bold enough to show up on the deep grey.



    That's Subway Surfing with Coraline, Dear Reader!  Pretty fun, I think.

    Here's your daily reminder, which you're getting through March 31:
    I'm going to keep reminding you of this for the next month, Dear Reader, just so no one misses out.  feel free to skip this paragraph if you're a regular!  Don't forget that Nubar loves you, too!  Until March 31st, they have a coupon code that's good for 20% off orders of $50 or more on, and they have free shipping over $75 (after the coupon).  The code is nlphle2050, and it's here just in time for the release of their Coral and Cleopatra Collections, which just recently became available.  Have a good haul and enjoy a good break on the price! 

    That's all for today.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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