As Exclusive as OPI Gets: Euro Exclusive Cherry Much in Love & Ulta Exclusive Merry Holly-Days!

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    The exclamation point in the title is courtesy of OPI, not me - it's part of the name of the second nail polish.  I've been a day or two behind in showing you my manis for a while, but just got some pretties I really want to show you this weekend that prompted me to catch up with an extra post today.

    Yesterday I finally got the OPI European Valentine's Day Exclusives I've been looking for since January.  My local post office is not the most efficient in the world... In any case, the OPIs are sparkly and beautiful (I only got the two glittery ones), and I broke into Cherry Much in Love this morning.  From what I've seen in pictures, I knew I need to layer something under it lest I have wicked VNL,  and the OPI red closest to the base color of Cherry Much in Love that I had handy was the Ulta Exclusive froom Christmas 2008, Merry Holly-Days!  (again, that's OPI's exclamation point, not mine).  The result is an ultra exclusive OPI mani!  This is three coats of Merry Holly-Days! and two coats of Cherry Much in Love with a top coat.

    OPI Cherry Much in Love Nail Polish 

    OPI Cherry Much in Love Nail Polish Bottle 

    Nice and sparkly, isn't she?  The only down side is that my nails feel like coarse grit sandpaper with top coat.  That's not very nice.  So as long as no one (including me) touches my nails, this is a great manicure - one that's meant to be admired from afar...

    That's what I have for you this evening, Dear Reader.  The things I have to show you this weekend are really fun.  I haven't heard a peep about them otherwise, and I've hunted for info, so I'll have to hurry up and get some pictures for you!

    Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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