CHI Tropical Paradise Collection for Summer 2009, Part II

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I just finished my swatches of the rest of CHI's Tropical Paradise Collection of Summer 2009 for you, so you get to see the remaining four colors today.

    They're all two coats over a base, with the exception of one which is three coats, and the last has a top coat as well.  Let's get straight to the pictures!

    Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez is the three-coater, a yellow shimmer, and I still have a bit of VNL.  It looks like this one needs a coat of white under it.

    CHI  Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez 'CHI

     CHI  Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez 'CHI

    Under Water at the Great Barrier Coral Reef is a vivid coral creme, and likely has the longest name I've ever see on a polish.

     CHI  Under Water at the Great Barrier Coral Reef 'CHI

     CHI  Under Water at the Great Barrier Coral Reef 'CHI Under

    Brown Sands on Maui Beaches is a meduim brown with a strong shimmer.

     CHI  Brown Sands on Maui Beaches 'CHI

     CHI  Brown Sands on Maui Beaches 'CHI Brown

    And my favorite of the whole collection, Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera is a deep purple shimmer that reminds me of velvet.

     CHI  Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera 'CHI Purple

    CHI  Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera  'CHI Purple

    That's CHI's Tropical Paradise Collection for you!  I got mine from sparkling*nails, but she doesn't seem to have them listed yet.  If you look at Part I, I explained the details of how to get hold of her if you see anything you need.

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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