CHI Tropical Paradise Collection for Summer 2009, Part I

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I told you I had something fun and otherwise impossible to find online in store for you this weekend!  It's CHI's Summer 2009 Collection: Tropical Paradise.  Today I have the first four of the eight, and tomorrow I'll show you the other four.  I saved my very favorite of the collection for tomorrow, but am giving you my second favorite today (in fact, it's my Nails of the Day). 

    I love CHI polishes, particularly their seasonal collections.  The color selection in their core line isn't anything I'd jump up and down about, but their seasonal collections usually have some real standouts.  The hard part?  Finding them!  I've been hunting online for any info about what they'd be putting out, if anything, and came up with nothing.  Even their website still has the Success ACHIeved Collection (which I showed you last Fall) under "New Stuff."  The only down side to the collection itself is the length of the names - if I were to go the usual route and put them on the pictures, I'd have to use four point font!  Instead, I used captions above the pics.

    Anyhow, I have come to rely on sparkling*nails on ebay to be my resource to find the impossible to find.  She let me know she had access to the new collection, and I said, "Sign me up!!!"  She hasn't photographed or listed them yet (I've dealt with her outside of ebay since before I started The Nailphile), but she will soon, probably this week.  Here's a link to her CHI nail polishes in order of most recently listed, so when they're available, they'll be at the top of the list.  The other option is to email sparkling*nails and ask her to hold anything you see that you like for you, and she will (and do the transaction through ebay for you).  She's got the best customer service I've ever encountered, hence my loyalty to her.  She also ships for free to the US and Canada for orders of $100 or more, so poke around in her store a bit...

    We're almost to the pics, I promise!  I'll just give you the details of the polishes and application first: CHIs are 3-Free (no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP), and apply just beautifully.  I could tell from the application that they were 3-Free, but did verify that on their site.  I'm accustomed to the application of 3-Free polishes, so they went on really well for me, and were absolutely opaque in two thin coats.  The pictures are in order of my preference from least to greatest, with the first three being the two coats over a base and the last being a full manicure with a top coat as well.  I now present Part I of CHI's Tropical Paradise Collection!

    First up is Montego Bay Orange Lush Resort, which is my least favorite simply because I'm not personally wild about orange.  It's actually a nice cheerful shade of orange and a creme.
    CHI Montego Bay Orange Lush Resort Nail Polish'CHI
    CHI Montego Bay Orange Lush Resort Nail Polish Bottle'CHI

    Next up is Passion on the Mediterranean Cruise, a really nice pinky berry creme.  It's next to last just because the other in this collection are cooler...

    CHI Passion on the Mediterranean Cruise Nail Polish'CHI

    CHI Passion on the Mediterranean Cruise Nail Polish Bottle'CHI

    Rounding third we have A Fine Glass of Wine in the South of France, which is a slightly fuchsia grape-y creme.
     CHI A Fine Glass of Wine in the South of France Nail Polish'CHI

    CHI A Fine Glass of Wine in the South of France Nail Polish Bottle'CHI

    Landing at Number Four, my favorite of today's batch and my NOTD, is Aqua Water on the Isles of Mikonos, a really great aqua shimmer.
     CHI Aqua Water on the Isles of Mikonos Nail Polish'CHI Aqua

     CHI Aqua Water on the Isles of Mikonos Nail Polish Bottle'CHI Aqua

    That's the first half of CHI's Tropical Paradise Collection for Summer 2009, and the rest are in store for you tomorrow, Dear Reader.  Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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