Essie North Fork Collection for Summer 2009

    Hello again, Dear Reader!

    I had a Saint Patrick's Day gift come today that I thought I'd share with you: Essie's North Fork Collection. 

    I have two little problems that are all mine with this collection.  The first is, as you know, I'm often silly with words, and for some reason I can't quit thinking of this as the South Park Collection.  The other is that my initiation reaction upon seeing these in the bottle, after the erroneous promo pics that were released, was disappointment.  I was hoping for one of the other sets of colors we had pictures of.  However, another blogger who'd already swatched her set got me to suspend judgment until I swatched, and I'm glad she did.

    When I swatched, my opinion changed for the better.  While I still think these are very "safe" colors, I think they're well done.  The biggest surprise for me was that each was a two coater, with the possible exception of one of them, which likely would have benefitted from a third coat.

    Here are my pictures of the Limited Edition North Fork Collection, to be released in April 2009, under artifical light, each two coats over a base coat.

    This is Sag Harbor, my favorite, a cross between pale blue and grey with a medium shimmer.  Essie describes it as, "cool silver blue."

    Essie Sag Harbor Nail Polish North Fork Collection 

    Essie Sag Harbor Nail Polish North Fork Collection

    Next is Greenport, a blue green creme, that Essie calls, "dreamy aquamarine paradise."

    Essie Greenport Nail Polish North Fork Collection 

    Essie Greenport Nail Polish North Fork Collection

    Last is Shelter Island, and if you look closely, you'll see this one could have used a third coat.  It's a somewhat bright medium light blue creme that Essie describes as, "sky blue radiance."

    Essie Shelter Island Nail Polish North Fork Collection 

    Essie Shelter Island Nail Polish North Fork Collection

    The main reason that my impression of these changed upon swatching is that I saw that these colors, although safer than I would have chosen, are unique, and the fact that two of the three only require two coats is a big improvement for Essie.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed.

    If you'd like to see more pictures and reviews, I'll be adding some links as they're available.  The Crystal Files has a review up now, and Scrangie does as well.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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