Nubar Angelic Glitter - The Best Glitter Ever!!!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm still working on getting through all of my Nubar glitters, and having one heck of a good time at it.  Today's mani is nice and Springy, and I used a glitter for it that I was ambivalent about getting.  When coming up with my order, I was told I needed Angelic Glitter, which did not look all that exciting to me.  However, I conceded, and it turns out it's probably my absolute favorite glitter polish of all time (so far, since there are still a few more in the Big Box o' Glitter to try!).  I took at out and really looked at it in good light last night, and I saw that it was really cool.  That was nothing compared to how it is on the nail!

    Looking at the bottle, I saw that the fine glitter bits had a golden hue, so I decided to use a coral polish as a base.  Since I've only swatched, but not worn, the Nubar Coral Collection, I went to those and picked out Belize Coral as the best match to use as a base color.  Even though I just recently showed it to you, I figured I'd take a picture to show you the contrast with and without the glitter added.  Here's two coats of Belize coral on its own.

    Nubar Belize Coral Nail Polish 

    Nubar Belize Coral Nail Polish 

    It's a great Springy starting point.  Topped with two coats of Angelic Glitter, it's even better.  The bright light for the picture washes out the glowy holo effect of it to a degree, but the picture still gives you a sense of it.

    Nubar Angelic Glitter Nail Polish 

    Nubar Angelic Glitter Nail Polish

    How's that for a happy Spring manicure?  Honestly, this is one of my all time favorite combinations.  I'm just as happy as can be with it, and it makes me happy to look at it.

    When will I grow weary of glitter?  I don't know - I hope before you do, Dear Reader.  I'm just having way too much fun with them to do anything else for now!

    That's what I have for you today.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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