Nubar Navy Blue & Opulent Pearl

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    One of the nice things about being Irish on March 17th is that I don't have to wear green if I don't feel like it - they're all Saint Patrick's Days to me!  So today, I didn't.  I continued going through my nifty glittery polishes instead.

    Today's is Nubar Opulent Pearl.  I examined this one closely, and decided it would be best over a dark color, so I started with Navy Blue.  Here's two coats of Navy Blue on its own.



    It's a nice starting point, a good basic blue-not-black, but check out what two coats of Opulent Pearl does to it!

    Not half bad, huh?  

    That's my not-so-traditional Happy Saint Patrick's Day mani for you, Dear Reader.  I hope you enjoy the day, and until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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