Nubar Sexy Red & Goldy

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Now that it's the last week of the Nubar coupon and they're taking preorders for Pasadena Purple and the Cleopatras, I'm going to try to show you as many of the cool Nubars I have that you still haven't seen in case you're trying to plot an order.  If you need the details, I just click on the label "Coupon Code" at the bottom of this post - the last one I posted with that label has all the details.  

    Speaking of labels, a little sidenote: wixbetty asked about hex glitters in a comment recently, and as I listed them for her, I noted I should have created a label for them as a category of their own.  There are still more to come, so I'm creating the label "Glitters - Hexagram" now and will go back and shift the older posts from "Glitter" into the more specific category this morning so they're easier to find.

    So, on to showing you more pretties!  Today's mani was an effort to use another hexagram glitter, one I've had my eye on since I got them, called Goldy.  The trouble is I don't have a good Big 3 Free gold base to put it over, so today I decided to try it over a red, which looks good, I think, but does tend to give the overall effect of Christmas in March.  Ah, well, I suppose they're not all going to turn out as planned!  The mani shows you both polishes really well though, so I decided to post the pictures anyhow.

    The red I selected to start with is Nubar's Sexy Red, and that it is.  This is three uber-thin coats over a base.

    Nubar Sexy Red Nail Polish 

    Nubar Sexy Red Nail Polish Bottle 

    I could have left Sexy Red alone, yes, but when have I just left a polish alone lately?  I added two coats of Nubar Goldy to it, which made it nice and sparkly.  A little Christmas-y, but sparkly nonetheless!  I know five coats sounds daunting, and I would have balked at that a couple of weeks ago myself, but I'm telling you, this Diamont top coat is incredible - it's the only reason I've been up for as much layering as I have been lately.  Four to five coats are dry in less time than three with other top coats.  That sounds unbelievable, but I swear it's true.  Here's the Sexy Red, Goldy, and Diamont.

    Nubar Goldy Nail Polish 

    Nubar Goldy Nail Polish Bottle 

    That's my Nails of the Day and my continued effort to show you more cool Nubars, Dear Reader!  I hope they help you if you're plotting a haul, and entertain you if you're not.

    That's all for today.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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