Oh Baby, Pixie Dust!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    After four days, I finally changed my mani today.  Truthfully, it didn't need to - I still had no tip wear or chips, but I was just up for a change.  The fact that I've now tested Nubar's Diamont top coat for four days and still didn't have any tip wear makes me a confirmed convert.  Taking off the Purple Fire wasn't as bad as I feared, either.  It required felt, pure acetone, and some hand strength, but not a great deal of patience.  It was no Lippmann Superstar!

    I have more Nubar for you today, for a few reasons.  I got some Nubar glitters this week - I showed you Purple Fire over Pasadena Purple, but there are many more.  Before I found Konad, I liked to layer glitters over other polishes quite a bit, and these have gotten me back to that.  Since Nubars are Big 3 Free, I'm using other Nubars as base colors for them, largely to be practical - in the past, I've found that the old-school chemicals often don't play well with Big 3 Free polishes, so I don't mix them anymore.  Odd things can happen, like big chips of polish coming off, and so to bypass that, I tend to just use one Big 3 Free brand together since I'm sure they'll all be friends.

    Today, I decided to go for a pastel pink after days of wearing such a vibrant glittery purple mani. My base color happens to be my favorite pastel pink: Oh Baby Pink.  I like it because it's heavily pigmented, so it only takes two coats to be opaque and even, which is rare for a pastel creme.  It's also just the right color for me - not to bright, not too pale, just right for my taste.   I've shown you this one before, but took new pictures so you wouldn't have to hunt to see what it looked like on its own.

    Then I got to use the glitter!  When I was choosing colors today, I started with the glitter and then picked the base for it.  The glitter I used is Pixie Dust, which is a subtle, fine glitter that gives Oh Baby Pink just the right sparkle and shine in two coats.  Yes, that's four coats total, but I put my faith in Diamont and have found it to be well placed - it's dry right now as I type, so I can live with four coats for this one.  Here's the finished mani.

    That's today's mani and the tale of return to my roots with putting glitter on other polishes.  It's fun, it's simple, and it's the easiest way to make a custom mani.

    On the topic of Nubar, I haven't given you a reminder of their coupon code running through the end of this month for a while, so here it is.  Regulars, just skip this paragraph!
    I'm going to keep reminding you of this for the next month, Dear Reader, just so no one misses out.  Don't forget that Nubar loves you, too!  Until March 31st, they have a coupon code that's good for 20% off orders of $50 or more on www.bynubar.com, and they have free shipping over $75 (after the coupon).  The code is nlphle2050, and it's here just in time for the release of their Coral and Cleopatra Collections, which just recently became available.  Have a good haul and enjoy a good break on the price! 

    You may notice a some changes I made yesterday with the format for comments and a little 5-star rating option for you at the end of the post.  If you like them, good!  If you dont, let me know.  I'm still deciding what I think- I'm not big on change, but the comments format seemed like a better way for me to reply to you, and the ratings seemed like a good way for you to tell me how I'm doing, so I made the changes for now.  We'll see what we think and go from there.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader!  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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