Zoya Preview: Ooh-La-La Collection for Summer 2009, Paz

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Guess what I just received?  The first and only distributed promo image of Zoya's new color called Paz from their Summer 2009 collection Ooh-La-La.   The kicker is, that I know they've exclusively released twelve images just now, but I only get any information about mine!  So Zoya has all of us us on a scavenger hunt for the other eleven colors and information about whether it's one big collection, two collections, or what they have up their sleeve!  Zoya has been lots of fun lately, keeping us on our toes.

    Here's my promo image of Paz...


    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader!  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!


    I'm doing some hunting for you, Dear Reader, and will  add links as I find them.

    HaileyCosmic at CasualLavish has Pippa

    Scrangie has Midori

    Cincyfan at AllLacqueredUp has Tallulah

    Brittany at ClumpsOfMascara has Goldie

    Kelly at VampyVarnish has Emme

    Hillary at The Crystal Files has Katy

    Dami at Perfectly Polished Tips has Ali

    Stephanie at The Polish Addict has Dita

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