Art Club Techni Color Doll

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'd planned more Zoyas for you today, then Art Club's Techni Color Doll nail art kit showed up, and I was a goner. Check it out!

    Art Club Techni Color Doll

    It's bright nail art polishes, decals, and sprinkles! This in conjunction with new Konad plates meant today was a day for nail art. I started with a base of Color Club Electro Candy (which I'm thinking I should get a backup of!), then stamped it using Konad plate M73, a floral pattern with Art Club Paisley Paradise (purple) and a heart tip pattern with Art Club Electric Universe (blue). I finished it off with a rhinestone heart decal on my ring finger. OTT? Yes...

    Art Club Techni Color Doll Nail Polish

    Art Club Techni Color Doll Nail Polish Bottle

    It's way over the top, and makes me very happy! The potential this kit holds is simply unbounded. Just wait until I get a handle on how to use the sprinkles!
    To Konad with the Art Club Nail Art Polish, I used the long thin brush to place a line of nail polish on one side of the pattern, then used the plastic scraper to spread it over the pattern as I scraped it. Then I just picked up the pattern with the stamper as usual. It worked like a charm. I topped it with a coat of Diamont, then applied the decal and did one more coat of Diamont to seal the decal. Voila!
    That's the tale of the Art Club Techni Color Doll kit and my over the top Konadicure. Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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