Barielles Shades for Summer 2009, Things to Come,and Pics

    Good morning, Dear Reader! Or maybe afternoon - I'm a little slow getting going this morning!

    I found the little 6-pack box of polishes I wanted to show you that I put somewhere "safe" a few weeks ago, the remaining 5 Barielle Shades for Summer 2009. I showed you Cotton Candy as soon as they arrived, then hid the others from myself... but I can't pull one over on me, so I have two more of them for you today.

    The first I swatched for you last night, Lemondrops, which is a true yellow cream that is opaque and even in two coats. Yes, just two, not the usual three for yellows!

    Bariellle Shades Nail Polish

    Then we have the one that prompted me to put these somewhere safe: Decadence. This on one spectacular teal shimmer! Again, a two coater.

    Bariellle Shades Decadence Nail Polish

    I thought a little white Konad would be fun on this one, and it's my NOTD, so I added the buckle pattern from Konad plate M9 to it using Konad White Special Nail Polish.

    Barielle Decadence Konadicure Nail Polish
    Barielle Decadence Konadicure Nail Polish Bottle

    That's what I have for you today from Barielle!

    Good things to come: I hope to swatch the Sephora by OPI 's Mermaid in the Shade Collection for you later today. I'll show those to you as soon as I can! Here's the promo picture from Sephora's site.

    I also got word that I should be able to have the Essie 2009 Neons for you this week, and MAC's Peppermint Patti is on th agenda for this week. Lots of good stuff!

    Also, I wanted to mention pictures. If you notice, at the very top of the page there's a copyright tab, and that takes you to the details of the copyright on this content. Please don't steal my pictures, and especially don't be so lazy as to just link to my host for them! I'll just break the links... Yes, there really was cause for this to be pointed out! If you want to use them, just use the "Contact" tab to get to my email and ask, then if I give permission, host your own instance of them (just like I did for the Sephora pic). Easy peasy!

    Now we're up to your reminders for today, Dear Reader! Be sure to enter for the Claire's Magic I'll be drawing a name for Thursday evening!

    And don't forget that WowSoCool is giving you 20% off with code "nailphile." No end date is set yet, so have at it!

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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