Color Club Electro Candy: The Return of the Konadicure!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    When I swatched Color Club's Electro Candy Collection for you yesterday, most of them were absolutely crying out to me to Konad them. I knew which one I really wanted to do the most, so I changed my nail polish to Electro Candy (the pink) last night.

    Having a great hot pink base, I chose good ol' Konad plate M65 for my beloved swirly tip pattern this morning, and used Konad Special Polish in Blue to stamp the design. I'm also doing a little top coat test, which I'll explain after you see the Electro Candy Konadicure.

    Electro Candy KOTD

    Eclectro Candy KOTD Bottle

    Since this is the first time I've used the Konad since I discovered Nubar's Diamont top coat, I decided to test how it would work over the Konad polish, since Nubar says it's also intended to seal nail art (which would typically be applied to dry polish). As you can see in the pictures, Diamont did not cause any smudging or bleeding of the pattern at all, and so far so good as far as using Diamont as a refresher.

    For me, Seche Vite has caused the edged of my polish to peel up almost immediately on the two occasions I used it to seal an addition to dry nail polish, and that's not been the case so far with this one. I'll know tomorrow how well the Diamont does to seal Konad over dry polish with respect to causing any shrinkage, peeling or chipping of the manicure. Barielle Manicure Refresher is a quick-dry to coat that does work as a refresher without causing tose issues with a manicure, but I've found that it can cause some smudging and bleeding of Konad Special Polish on its own, so I don't use it to seal Konad. If this works, I'll be happy, since I've been using my tiny Konad Top Coat to seal the nail art without smudging, and then using Barielle Manicure Refresher over it to make it dry quickly and shine. One coat of Diamont is easier and a lot cheaper than the Konad Top Coat topped with the Barielle.

    I think this bold mani is a great way to bring back the Konad after weeks of neglect, and it's fun to wear a bright new Color Club nail polish.

    One other thing, Dear Reader, before I let you go: reader TML inquired as to why more people aren't using the chat feature on the right side of the page, the fifth item from the top, and I think it's because I've neglected to mention it much. It was used a good bit the day or two after I added it, but not since then. Feel free to pop in and say, "Hi," and see who's on! You don't need to enter an email or use a password, but if you want to reserve your username, just use the username with a password and it's all yours (I do not have access to the password you use). To add an avatar, just put a link to an online picture in the URL box next to your username, and you're ready to go. Feel free to test it as well - as long as the messages are clean, I don't mind if we have lots of "Test" with various avatars going. I added the Chat so we can have a little fun, so let's chat! I'll make it easy for you... Nail Polish: discuss amongst yourselves!

    That's it for today. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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