Color Club Pure Energy Konadicure & a Bonus

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm still having fun with the Color Club Electro Candy Collection nail polishes, today wearing Pure Energy (the blue one) again.  You know I couldn't just wear the same manicure for the second time in a week - what fun would that be?  I added a bit of Konad to it this time, which has also been entertaining me quite a bit, using Konad plate M44 and Konad Special Polish in Psyche Pink.

    Here's my Color Club Pure Energy Konadicure of the Day, which is three coats of Pure Energy, one coat of Color Club top coat, a coat of Diamont to dry it, then the Konad and another layer of Diamont.  Whew!

    Color Club Pure Energy Konadicure Nail Picture

    ColorClub Pure Energy Konadicure Bottle Picture

     I'm dying for Coraline Set II to be released, because I'm in love with the polishes from the set (neon shimmer pink, blue , and yellow), although I put the blue and the yellow somewhere "safe."  Set I only had minis of the colors, and I've used them quite a bit, but check out how teeny they are!  

    Konad Special Polish Bottle Picture

    I need Coraline Set II just to get the full sized bottles of these colors!

     In the title I mentioned a bonus, and there is one!  I have another KOTD to show you that I just hadn't gotten around to publishing, and before the picures get too old and I forget about them, I thought I'd show them to you by just tacking them on to today's post.

    For this one, I started out with Carolyn New York's Christmas in New York, which is a darkish red creme.  Definitely not vampy and a true red, just a bit dark. Here's three coats of the CNY nail polish on its own topped with a coat of Diamont.

    Christmas in New York Nail Picture

    Christmasin New York Bottle Picture

     Then I had a little Fun with Konad, using FingerPaints Papier Mache as the polish to do the stamping and Konad plate M4 for both patterns, then topped it off with another coat of Diamont.  Here's the finished Konadicure.

    Christmasin New York Konadicure Nail Picture

    Christmasin New York Konadicure Bottle Picture

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader!  Don't forget that WowSoCool is doing a 20% off coupon right now.  The code is "nailphile," and all the details are on the Coupons:WowSoCool Konad tab at the top of the page.

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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