Coraline Konad Set II

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    My WowSoCool order arrived last night, and all I could say was ,"Wow, so cool!!!" I got the Coraline Set II I've been coveting since the beginning of time, and a couple more Konad Special Nail Polishes (just black & white). I should have taken a picture of the Coraline set for you, but I was so excited I tore right into it!

    This morning I played with it. I started out with a base of two coats of Nubar Oh Baby Pink, partly because it's one of my favorite pinks, partly because with Diamont I can stamp it in three minutes (I tested that time with a Zoya, but Zoyas just plain take longer to dry). The I got to play with the Coraline Konad!

    I chose a tip pattern, on of many, from plate CO6, and a fun little accent from plate CO3. I did the tips in the blue polish and the accent in Psyche Pink. One extra cool thing about this set is it comes with full-sized versions of those polishes - I'm over halfway through the minis Set I had. Better yet, the bottles are ornate! Take a peek at Psyche Pink.

    I love ornate bottles!

    Then here's the Coraline Konadicure I did with them.

    Fun, huh? I'd wager I'll be playing with this set for a good part of the day today.

    Then there's yesterday's KOTD, which I didn't show you. Yesterday I played with a scented Revlon. I was stressed and having my nails smell like candy helped! I used Pretty in Papaya, and did my tips with a polka dot pattern from a plate I cannot remember the number of. Here she is.

    You may have noticed my last two posts don't have the clickable to full sized pictures. That's temporary - it take a lot of code to do that, and I've been to tired to do them when I have a few the last two days. I promise I'll resume the usual pics in the next post.

    Also, I have the winner of the Claire's Magic to post - it was Nessa of Contests and Such. I'm just waiting for her to confirm her address, and it's hers.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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