Electro Candy Volt of Light : The Highlighter Konadicure!

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I've been having a grand old time being reunited with my Konad and playing with the Color Club Electro Candy Collection!

    For today's mani, I started out with a base of Volt of Light. If you recall from my swatches of this collection, this was the yellow that was still somewhat streaky in four coats. To get it opaque and even, I ended up using six thin coats of nail polish and two coats of top coat - the Color Club Vivid 10 Color Intensifying Top Coat (which really does make a difference), then a coat of Nubar Diamont to make it dry. This was Diamont's biggest challenge to date - seven coats of nail polish to dry! Happily, it worked like a charm, and I was ready to Konad away very soon.

    For the patten, I used Konad plate M62 for another favorite tip pattern, and Konad Psyche Pink polish (the neon pink shimmer in the Coraline sets). The result is a manicure that looks like I used highlighters on my nails!

    Electro Candy Konadicure

    Electro Candy Konadicure Bottle

    I also found yesterday that using Nubar Diamont over dry polish to seal the Konad pattern works really well - it seals the Konad Special Polish without smudging and dries really fast, but doesn't cause any troubles with the completely dry base nail polish. It's definitely my new Konad top coat too now - I got an industrial size 8 oz bottles of it! Its costs about the same as the professional sized Seche Vite refill, since the Diamont is 8 oz and Seche Vite is 4.5 oz, and with a better dry time, no shrinkage, and being smudge free with Konad, I'm sold!

    Also, a little reminder for you, Dear Reader, that WowSoCool is running a 20% off coupon right now. The only exclusion is the already discounted Build Your Own Kits, and the code is "nailphile." There's no end date set for it yet, so you might want to get in on it soon if you're eying more plates or polishes. If you recall, we cleaned out Nubar pretty well while that coupon was going! For the record, I don't benefit at all from the codes I run - they're just an opportunity for my favorite etailers to give you a break on cool stuff that I like, and since I've only run them with companies that I buy from myself, I have faith that they'll do business with you a way that's up to my standards (and I can be a PITA customer!). I don't get a nickel out of it.

    I also have a little site update - I added some tabs to the top of the title section for you. I put in a "Current Promos" tab to make it easy to find codes (I don't expect to do more than one at a time). The "Contact" one has my email for you if you have questions for me that aren't general comments, and the "Older Posts" tab is a work in progress. It'll eventually be a list of links to all posts by date, but it starts a few months into the blog. I added a tab just yesterday for the tag cloud. I know a lot of people were using it, but it really did clutter up the page, so that tab will take you to a currently updated tag cloud for the whole site. The next big project that will either be on the side of the page or a tab is an organized format for the labels on all the posts, set up like an outline (Brands will have all brands under it in order, Colors will have all colors, etc). With the number of posts I've got on this site now, I'm making a few changes and additions to make it easier to find what you're looking for when you visit. If you have ideas for anything else that you'd find helpful, please feel free to email me with your suggestions.

    That's today's Konadicure, the result of my test of Diamont over Konad, your WowSoCool reminder, and a little site update. Whew! That's a lot!

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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