Essie Neons 2009

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I thought I was done, then the Essie 2009 Neons showed up, so I'm back with more for you.

    They applied reasonably well, and the colors are fantastic. Let's get to the pics!

    Funky Limelight is the most neon yellow I own. We know neon yellows tend to be transparent, but I was not to be defeated by this one! Here's seven coats.

    Next up is Flirty Fuchsia, which I mislabelled on the pic (I was delirious from applying 7 coats of the yellow...). Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow, maybe I won't! This one is three coats.

    Usually purples are my favorite, but this time the purple's in second place. Perky Purple started to dry matte before I could get the pictures, but the color is well represented.

    My favorite is Punchy Pink, three coats. It's my new manicure.

    I added a little black Konad from plate M62 to it. I now have the perfect manicure to go see Poison, if only I could find my leopard print spandex pants and my black leather jacket with fringe...

    Now you've seen Essie's 2009 neons! Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    EDIT: I used articifical light for my pics (that's what makes my camera most accurately capture neons), but Scrangie used natural light and shade for hers. Check out her swatches too, so you can get a full picture of what these look like!

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