Jessica Botanicals Collection & RBL 50% Off Sale!

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    Tonight I have the Jessica Botanicals Collection for you, which I bought based on Scrangie's review of them, as well as the fact that Jessica's Fall Goddess Collection really wowed me. Scrangie's pictures are, as always, spot-on, and as I went through mine I was more impressed with the colors than I was swatching them. It might just be the fact that I was swatching these on the heels of wearing really glowy nail polish that made them just as have the "umph!" that I'd been anticipating all these weeks that I've waited to get them. I'll have to give them another try, because even going through my pictures I see some winners.

    They applied well, and all required three coats to be opaque and even. I found that presenting them in alphabetical order starts and ends with some of teh stronger colors, so I'll go with that.

    First up is Butterfly Kisses, which is a very sparkly light blue.

    Jessica Botanicals Collection Nail Polish
    Jessica Botanicals Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    Next in line is Birds of Paradise, which is definitely a solid purple shimmer nail polish.

    Jessica Cosmetics Nail Polish
    Jessica Cosmetics Nail Polish Bottle

    Here's where things started getting weaker. Color Me Calla Lily is the only creme in this collection, a somewhat violet pink. Huh.

    Jessica Nail Polish
    Jessica Nail Polish Bottle

    We move on to Coral Reef Daisies, which, being a frosty coral pink nail polish, reminds me of the early 1980's...

    Jessica Nail Polish Collection
    Jessica Nail Polish Collection Bottle

    This is the one about which I was most excited, as well as the most let down: Loving the Lilacs. I expected a sparkly lilac, but got a somewhat muted and not-so-sparkly one.

    Jessica Custom Colors Nail Lacquer
    Jessica Custom Colors Bottle

    We end a little stronger with Rosy Romance, which is a girly pink shimmer nail polish.

    Jessica Nail Lacquer
    Jessica Nail Lacquer Bottle

    That's Jessica Cosmetics' Botanicals Collection for you.

    To end on a happier note, I got an email from Rescue Beauty Lounge. Here's the part you probably care about:
    "Tomorrow 12-2PM Lunch time First Ever and Maybe the Last Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Sale 50% off BUT MUST have at least one body product in (What's fair is fair...) There will be no e-mail blast please post your blogs and share with your readers.
    Coupon Code Mea Culpa"

    RBL is in New York, so I'm assuming Eastern time for this. Have at it!

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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