Konad Coupon : Wow, So Cool!!!

    Konad USA Put an End to the Codes... Sorry if You Missed It!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I have some fun news for you, and I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to tell you...

    The good folks at WowSoCool have offered to give you 30% off of your order, no minimum required, and the only exception is the already-discounted "Build You Own" Kit. They also have free shipping on orders over $20 (after the discount is applied), so it's a good deal. When you check out, enter coupon code "nailphile" and your 30% will come off of the order. My experience with WowSoCool is that they pay perfect attention to their orders and ship them literally within hours of hitting "Send Order," so I'm confident in them!

    If you're going to plot an order, I've tried to include the plate number used in the text of my posts as well as on the pictures, so you should be able to search for plate numbers to find pictures using them. I also just placed an order for a bunch of the new plates, and will be able to show you those as soon as they arrive.

    In the meantime, here are a few favorites of mine to give you some inspiration!

    Misa's Blue over A Boy with Konad Plate M64
    Blue Over A Boy Konadicure

    Nubar Sphinx Purple with Konad Plate M37
    Sphinx Purple Konadicure
    MAC Something About Pink with Konad Plates M57 & M19
    Something About Pink Konadicure
    Nfu-Oh #61 with Konad Plate S6
    Nfu-Oh 61 Konadicure
    Revlon Pure Pearl with Konad Plate M64
    Pure Pearl Konadicure
    SpaRitual Solitude with Konad Plate M63
    Solitude Konadicure
    Nfu-Oh #66 with Konad Plate M63
    Nfu-Oh 66 Konadicure
    L'Oreal Black Box with Konad Plate M65
    Admire Konadicure
    Carolyn New York Subway Surfing with Konad Plate CO1 (Coraline Set I)
    Coraline Subway Surfing Konadicure
    Barielle Cotton Candy with Konad Plate CO5 (Coraline Set I)
    Coraline Cotton Candy Konadicure

    How's that for an epic post that required no manicure, huh?
    That's the update for now, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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