Lippmann Collection for Summer 2009

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have Lippmann's offerings for Summer 2009 for you. Lippmann polishes go one like a breeze and have a spectacular shine, and these two are no different. For the sake of novelty, we'll start with my favorite, which I'm wearing today.

    Call Me Irresponsible is a bluish purple jelly, and took four coats to reach bottle color. This is with a top coat.

    Lippmann Collection Nail Polish
    Lippmann Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    The second, I'd wager will be the favorite of a few readers. It's Raining Men is a true red, a fantastic one at that, and this is two coats.
    Lippmann Collection Summer 2009 Nail Polish
    Lippmann Collection Summer 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

    EDIT: I just had an idea, as the coffee starts to kick in. Had you noticed the "You're Visitor Number" counter in the bottom right? It's actually for page views, not distinct visitors, but what the heck, close enough... In any case, it's approaching three million. If you have the three millionth page view, send me a screen shot of it at exactly three million (at, and I'll send you a prize. Even if it's close and you hit F5 until it hits three million, that's fine - I don't mind how you get there! The prize is a secret, but very, very cool, and is open to all readers worldwide. Whoever gets the 3M gets the surprise present, regardless of where you live. That's just my way of saying Thank You to you, Dear Reader, for sticking with me for three million page views. Once we top three million, I'll tell you more about The Master Plan, and possibly put my idea for the plan up for a vote. Thak for being here, Dear Reader, and enoy!

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