More Coraline Konad Set II - This Time She's Mad!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I've been having some fun with my Coraline II set from WowSoCool, which incidentally, you can order now for 20% off with code "nailphile" (and free shipping over $20 still applies). The code is good for all but the already-discounted Build You Own Kits. I got the Coraline II, and added a black and a white Konad Special Nail Polish to my order.

    This time, I decided to go with a little self-expression with my manicure. I'm cranky with someone today, but overall pretty chipper, so I made the mani just a little bit cranky!

    I started with a base nail polish of Color Club Limelight, which took four coats to be opaque and even. However, armed with my Diamont, that was no problem, and I was stamping away before I knew it.

    For the stamping, I used Konad plates CO3 (tips), CO4 (yellow faces), and CO6 (hot pink cranky face), then I topped it with another coat of Diamont (note the lack of smudging or bleeding of the Konad polish!). All of the plated used are from Set II. For the stamps, I used Konad Special Nail Polish for all, Blue Pearl, Yellow, and Psyche Pink. I'm going through the Blue Pearl and Psyche Pink like nobody's business - these two are really excellent Konad Special Nail Polish colors!

    Here's my second Coraline Set II Konadicure in the sun.

    Coraline Konad Set II Nail Polish
    Coraline Konad Set II Nail Polish Bottle

    So that's my next Coraline creation for you.

    I heard from the winner of the Claire's giveaway, and I can only do one more giveaway this month (the application I use for it limits me to two a month) I'll have to get input from you, Dear Reader. You see, I have two things to give away! I figured I'd put up a two-day poll on the top right to see which I should give away next. The first choice is a full set of Orly Tiki Time polishes (the four colors, which I recently showed to you), which would be open to US readers only (because of shipping costs). The other option would be an old classic I don't think I've shown to you, but should tomorrow since it'll be in the vote: OPI's Vampire State Building. VSB is impossible to find, and for one bottle , I'll ship worldwide, so our international friends can join in the fun. Let me know which you'd like me to send to you next, and that's what I'll do.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Who knows - I might have more Coraline fun for you later! Whether I do or not, until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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