Nubar California Dreamin' Collection

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Yesterday, I also got my most recent Nubar order, and I have some really cool things to show you! The first is the California Dreamin' Collection from 2005. I'd taken a look at this one and passed quite a few times in the last couple of years, but then trying a some colors from it changed my mind. My concern was that the colors are shimmers, and usually orange, yellow, and green shimmers take eight zillion coats to not be opaque, but I found that's completely not the case here. And I have pics for you to prove it!

    You've seen a few of these before by themselves, but I think this is one of the most overlooked collections in the history of nail polish, so I included all six shades. Seeing them all together shows what a great collection this is, and how it's flown under the radar since it came out in 2005 is beyond me... They absolutely glow (and as always, the only editing done to the pictures is adding text).

    The pictures are all of two coats, and Pasadena Purple and Mali Blue have a a top coat (I used Pasadena Purple after swatching last night, and Mali Blue for today). I can't order them by preference, so I'll just show them to you in alphabetical order.

    First in line is my beloved pink to end all pinks, Hollywood Pink.

    Nubar California Dreamin Pink Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Pink Nail Polish Bottle

    I was beginning to think I was getting burned out on blue nail polish, then I saw Mali Blue and it's my NOTD. There's another I have to show you from this order that's really unbelievable, too.

    Nubar California Dreamin Blue Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Blue Polish Bottle

    Mellow Yellow (it's Mellow Yellow on the label, and Yellow Mellow on the site) is one amazing two-coater yellow shimmer. As I swatched it this morning, I was thinking that it definitely trumps Chanel LA Sunrise for me.

    Nubar California Dreamin Yellow Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Yellow Polish Bottle

    Orange Crush was my runner-up for my NOTD today. This orange shimmer glows from within!

    Nubar California Dreamin Orange Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Orange Polish Bottle

    Ahhh, Pasadena Purple! I'll just tell you I'm halfway through my bottle of this nail polish already. It's the one that got me interested in this collection.

    Nubar California Dreamin Purple Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Purple Polish Bottle

    Here's a great one - it's like an OPI Bikini Envy that's actually opaque in two coats and glows. Reef Green is a stunner.

    Nubar California Dreamin Green Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Green Polish Bottle

    Why haven't I been wearing these for the last four years? I have no idea. I'll just start now!

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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