Nubar Diamont Testing and Two Colored Konad Stamping

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I decided to take a stab at a little more advanced Konad fun, and do a little testing of my new found love, Nubar Diamont Top Coat.

    I started out with a base manicure of two coats of Revlon Plum Attraction nail polish, which is one wicked purple, but it's been seen before so I didn't take pictures of it on its own. I topped it with my one coat of Diamont, and then let the tests begin!

    The first test was of a claim that my contact at Nubar made about it - after months during which I would not try Diamont because I didn't know it was quick dry, I had a conversation with the rep where I was assured it was indeed quick dry, and the claim was made that I'd be able to Konad over two coats of polish in three minutes. That's a lofty claim, with my runner-up top coat, SpaRitual Tout de Suite, requiring a wait of five minutes per coat of color (here, ten minutes), so I assumed it was an exaggeration. Today, I timed three minutes, then started stamping with a Revlon Chrome, and much to my surprise the stamping did not mess up the base nail polish. Test one passed!

    Having boosted my faith even more in this magical Diamont, I gave it another test - I changed my mind about the polish to use for my Konad stamping. I had just finished my left hand, and I soaked a piece of felt with acetone-based remover and swiped the Konad patterns off of all five nails, leaving the Plum Attraction just as it was. It dulled the shine, but Diamont kept the base nail polish on. I was so happy with it I did my second review on Total Beauty about it! That was the testing...

    On to the more advanced Konad fun! I thought I'd take another shot at two-colored stamps, which I haven't tried to do in quite some time (and wasn't tremendously successful with before, if I recall correctly). I used Konad plate M59, and for the stamping I used H&M You Rock My World and Sinful Senorita (silver & pink holos), which my friend Kola sent me from Sweden. The trick was actually painting two different polishes on one engraving to make a two-colored stamp. I picked a simple pattern, so I did alright this time! Here's the Konadicure.

    Revlon Plum Attraction Nail Polish
    Revlon Plum Attraction  Nail Polish Bottle

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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