Nubar Hollywood Pink & What's A Math Geek To Do???

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I usually save a few pictures to keep you entertained when I travel, but I haven't travelled in a while and don't have a trip on my radar, so I thought I'd start showing the backlog of pictures to you.

    Today I have one I've shown your before, but is worth showing you again: The Pink to End All Pinks, Nubar Hollywood Pink. I love this one (and Pasadena Purple and Yellow Mellow) so much that as soon as I saw that Nubar had the entire California Dreamin' Collection back in stock, I ordered it for backups of the colors I have and to try the ones I don't. So I'll be showing you the whole collection soon.

    Here's Hollywood Pink on it's own, two coats with a top coat.

    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Nail Polish Bottle

    Quite predictably, I added Konad to it. I used China Glaze Devotion and Konad Special Nail Polish in my beloved Blue Pearl.

    Nubar California Dreamin Konadicure Nail Polish
    Nubar California Dreamin Konadicure Nail Polish Bottle

    That's Nubar Hollywood Pink, which brings us to the question of what's a math geek to do? If you just come here for pictures of nail polish, feel free to skip to your goodbye.

    Many of you know I'm a math geek, and I have a math geek's problem on the horizon! I originally started The Nailphile just for the heck of it, thinking one or two girlfriends might read it, but then a lot more people read it. My goal then became to break the one million mark in Alexa's ranking of sites. For those of you who aren't big geeks, that's the bar at the very bottom of this page, and Alexa ranks sites according to popularity, with Google being #1 and The Nailphile being about 2.2 million when I first heard of it.

    Well, I broke the 1 million mark just under a month ago. I just about tipped over when I saw a six-digit number at the bottom of the page, and promptly went and downloaded the list of the top million sites (that was the goal all this time!). I felt like a dog who'd caught a car, and had no idea what to do next - the goal seemed so far off that I'd always assumed I'd just abandon the site once I reached it. But I decided on a new goal - the 500,000 mark! That seemed really far off, given that it took me over six months to break a million.

    Much to my surprise, 500,000 is rapidly approaching! If you click the Alexa bar at the bottom of the page, you'll see The Nailphile has a three month average (that's what the official rank is, the three month average) of 667,029, with a one month average of 376,336. That means my far-off 500,000 number is creeping up very quickly, and I need to decide what to do when it arrives! Have a party, abandon the site, do nothing differently and see how low we can get the rank... I have no idea! If you have suggestions, please let me know what they are - I could use ideas other than my own! Either leave a comment or email me with your suggestions, and I'll appreciate them. The Nail Polish Goddess rewards those who help math geeks!

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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