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    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I've just finished swatching the rest of Colorcopia 2009 for you, but it'll take me a century to select and add text to the pictures, then look up and verify all the original color releases and dates, so I thought I'd keep it simple for now and show you OPI's lung cancer awareness nail polish, Breathe Life.

    First off, I looked at the site for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America to get facts about this color, and they're not too available. There's a lot of advertising, and it tells me that OPI "made a generous cash donation" to the LCFA, but I cannot find any information telling me whether some percentage of sales of this nail polish go to cancer research, and that bugs me. I inferred that was the case, but since I can't find anything to verify that, I question my assumption.

    For reference, here's the promo flyer for the nail polish.

    It was the "Let's Cure It" that seemed to me to imply that OPI was working directly with a cancer research charity with at least some percentage of the proceeds of this nail polish. If you, Dear Reader, have details about precisely how this works, please email me or leave a comment and I'll modify this post to include the new information.

    Anyhow, I had been a holdout on this color, which became available on April 1, for a couple of reasons. First, it's quite sheer, and on it's own wouldn't be too attractive against my pale skin. Second, I've smoked for 23 years, and although I've tried to quit a few times, it's the staying quit that eludes me, and so I prefer to not think about lung cancer too much. One of my aunts died from smoking-related emphysema and eventually lung cancer, so I'm 100% clear on what that looks like. Since I have proved to simply be incapable of staying quit for now, I have a hard time mulling over the gruesome details. But I finally cracked on this color, thinking the proceeds went to research, and used it over white to address the sheerness.

    I'm taking a cue from The Polish Addict here and showing you my mani failure from last night rather than just keeping it to myself. She's inspiringly brave about showing less-than-perfect pictures! My idea for dealing with just how sheer Breathe Life is was to put it over a white, so after swatching last night, I put two coats over two coats or Orly White Out. Unfortunately, I messed up my ring finger, but I'll show you the pics anyhow. The failure, to me, is in that the white that I used was way too stark. I don't have a picture of Orly White Out alone, but trust me that it's well-named.

    OPI Lung Cancer Awareness Nail Polish
    Breathe Life Lung Cancer Nail Polish Bottle

    I decided to get a do-over on OPI Breathe Life this morning, and used it over a sheerer white nail polish. Right now, I have the ultimate torso-cancer-awareness mani, as the white nail polish I used this time is one of Jessica Cosmetics 2008 BCA colors (which clearly stated that 65% of sales went to cancer research), Hope, which is the whitest of them. Here's Hope alone, two coats.

    Jessica Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Polish
    Jessica BCA Nail Polish Bottle

    It's a much softer foundation, and two coats of OPI Breathe Life are much better over it than over Orly White Out.

    OPI Lung Cancer Awareness 2009 Nail Polish
    Breathe Life 2009 Lung Cancer Nail Polish Bottle

    I'm really pleased with the pearly outcome of the do-over version. It's what I had in my head when I overdid the foundation last night - I guess my pathological fear of VNL got the best of me!

    One quick note on the messed up ring finger from last night - it was because I was sloppy applying Nubar Diamont to wet polish. I've had a few emails about troubles with applying Diamont to wet polish, and as you've seen from pics, I generally have great results with it allowing literally zero wait time between polishing the tenth nail and applying Diamont to the first. The way I normally use it is to get a big drop and quickly and lightly spread it over the nail, sort of "floating" it over the colored nail polish. I was tired of doing my nails after all those swatches yesterday, and got lazy with the Diamont and made it drag the colored nail polish underneath while applying it, causing the wrinkle in it. I just didn't have enough on the brush, but didn't care enough to re-dip. I go through a lot of Diamont using this method, but it gives great results, and the big refill bottles are no more expensive per 0.5 oz refill that Seche Vite, so I'm sticking with it. Just thought I'd mention that here, since I have an example picture of the error, as well as the way to avoid such error.

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. I'll have the rest of OPI Colorcopia 2009 for you in a little bit. Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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