OPI Colorcopia 2009, Part II

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm back, as promised, with the rest of the OPI Colorcopia Collection 2009. Since I told you about the collection the brushes, and the application in Part I, I'll just get straight to the pictures. These are all two coats.

    Berry Berry Broadway is a deep shimmery red, originally released in Fall 2000 with the OPI New York City Collection.

    OPI Colorcopia Collection 2009 Nail Polish
    OPI Colorcopia Collection 2009 Bottle

    Copper Mountain Copper is a coppery red shimmer that was originally released in 1995's OPI Winter Resort Collection. I like this nail polish, but if I were to pick one color to rerelease from this collection, it would have been Black Magic Mountain.

    OPI Black Magic Mountain Nail Polish
    OPI Winter Resort Collection

    Florentine Fuchsia could have used a third coat, but I left it at two to be consistent. This almost-red fuchsia creme was originally released in the Fall of 1991 with the OPI International Collection.

    OPI International  Collection Nail Polish
    OPI International  Collection Bottle

    Kinky in Helsinki is a reddish purple shimmer with a fuchsia flash that was part of the OPI European Collection from Fall of 1992. This one would have also been better off with a third coat.

    OPI European Collection Nail Polish
    OPI European Collection Bottle

    Here's a favorite: Purple-opolis, a purple shimmer from Spring 2004's OPI Greek Isles Collection.

    OPI Greek Isles Collection Nail Polish
    OPI Greek Isles Collection Bottle

    My top choice from this collection is probably Sahara Sapphire, from the OPI Painted Desert Collection of Spring 1998, which is a super shimmery light blue.

    OPI Painted Desert Collection Nail Polish
    OPI Painted Desert Collection Bottle

    That's all of it! Now you've seen the entire OPI Colorcopia Collection of 2009. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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