Playing with Purple Nail Polish

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    For a brief moment, my anger dissolved, then I had cause for it to flare right back up times ten. There's nothing quite like an angry Irish redhead!

    What was I to do? My options were to throw dishes (very satisfying, speaking from experience), hurl things over the balcony (just seems like it would be satisfying!), throw a general tantrum, or play with nail polish. Being the one and only original Nailphile that I am, I chose option D. It also required the least cleanup of the four, and I hate tidying up!

    So play with nail polish it was. If I'm going to play with nail polish to perk up my mood, I'm sure the regular readers could guess without reading the title what color I chose: purple. It's my favorite color, and focusing on the little finite project of doing my nails in my favorite color was sufficient to distract me for a bit. That, and my nails are all purple and sparkly now, so looking at them makes me happy!

    I took out a couple of purples I've been wanting to use, and let the rage-manis begin! The first started with Color Club Ultra Violet, which I showed you on its own when I swatched the Color Club Electro Candy Collection not too long ago. I think I'm going to need a backup of all of the Electro Candy colors - each has a pretty significant dent in it already, and I've had them less than a month! After Ultra Violeting myself, I played with Coraline Konad Set II again, adding a tip pattern in Blue Pearl and another pattern in Psyche Pink to the nail bed, but the pink doesn't show up too well. Here she is in the sun.

    Color Club Electro Candy Nail Polish
    Color Club Electro Candy Nail Polish Bottle

    It was pretty, but not quite enough to make me less mad once I was done, so I tried again. I have those Barielle Shades I hid from myself, and one of them, Grape Escape, is a really nice purple creme I've been wanting to try, so I went and got that. Then I went on a quest for more felt to remove polish, and I ran into a bottle of Pure Ice Busted that I'd completely forgotten about, so I grabbed it as well. My camera didn't have enough juice to take two sets of pictures, so I don't have pics of Grape Escape on it's own, unfortunately.

    The four of the Summer Barielles I've tried have been excellent, applying smoothly and being opaque in two thin coats, and Barielle seems to have straightened out the inconsistencies in formula that were an issue in the Fall 2008 Collection. I like them. There are two more to show you still.

    Here is Barielle's Grape Escape with Pure Ice Busted over it, two coats each, and the Grape Escape is just a flat creme that's the main color of the mani - the Pure Ice didn't alter the shade of the base color, it just added a lot of sparkle.

    Pure Ice Busted Nail Polish
    Barielle Grape Escape Nail Polish Bottle

    Now I'm cheerfully purple and sparky, which makes virtually everything better. Since it's after 6:00 here, there's not much to be done about what made me angry, so I can put it off until tomorrow. Then the wrath of an angry Irish woman shall be felt! I don't know what color will be most appropriate for that - perhaps a blazing near-neon red with a bit of black added. I'll think about that tomorrow morning, though, and just enjoy being purple and sparkly tonight!

    On a completely unrelated note, be sure to cast your vote for the next drawing I'll have in the poll at the top right. The options are one full set of Orly Tiki Time colors (4 colors), with the down side to that being that I'll have to restrict it to U.S. only because of shipping fees, or one bottle of OPI Vampire State Building, which I can ship worldwide. All five bottles of polish are new. Whichever of the two choices is the "loser" will be an upcoming drawing anyhow, but I likely have a move coming next month, so it may be a while before the next giveaway comes depending upon how things pan out.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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