Revlon Fruitful Temptations, Mon Cherry

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and Happy Easter!

    I was bound and determined to leave my Not So Blue-Berry Konadicure for today, but I simply couldn't resist playing with another scented Revlon this morning.  They're just too much fun!

    Today's manicure, a Konadicure, looks more Valentine's Day than Easter, but it's consistent with the name of today's base nail polish, Mon Cherry.  I started with three coats of Mon Cherry, which, like Not So Blue-Berry, brings me right back to the late '70s.  I didn't take a picture of Mon Cherry by itself (it's just a red creme), but I'll tell you the story of what it smells like that makes it special (skip to the pics if you don't care!).

    When my sister, who's less than a year older than I am, and I were kids, we went to grade school about two miles from home.  From when we were 8 & 9 on, our dad would give us bus fare every morning for us get home, $0.50.  The problem was that there was a penny candy store between us and the bus stop, and almost every day, we'd stop there and blow our bus fare on candy and then walk the two miles home.  Mon Cherry smells just like the red jelly penny coin candies (which were actually $0.01 each then), the smell of which permeated the candy store.  So wearing this, even though it's just another red creme, makes me think happy thoughts of being 8 and walking home with my sister while we ate our little bags of candy.  I can't quit sniffing it!

    So that's why Mon Cherry is a special red creme nail polish.  To make the manicure a little more fun, I added a polka dot tip pattern to it from Konad plate M45 using Pastel Pink Konad Special Nail Polish, and then added a fun little pattern from plate M71 to my ring finger using Konad White Special Nail Polish.  Here's the finished Konadicure, again in the spectacular sun on the balcony.

    Revlon Fruitful Temptations Nail Polish

    Revlon Fruitful Temptations Nail Polish Bottle

    It's a fun one, I think!  As I said, more Valentine's Day than Easter, but I just couldn't resist.

    I have your two reminders for you again today, Dear Reader, before we go about our respective Easter Days.

    First, be sure to throw your name in the hate for a Claire's Magic if you haven't already. This one's open to all readers worldwide, and I finally figured out how to set up the entry form so your names don't show!  You don't have to enter your full name anyhow, and your email will only be used to let you know you've won.

    Second, don't forget that WowSoCool is giving you 20% off of your Konad orders with code "nailphile," and they have free shipping on orders over $20 (after the coupon is applied).  They just notified me that the Coraline II kit I've been coveting for a good month and a half will ship tomorrow, and they have all the new plates (the M7... series), as well as a great selection of Konad Special Nail Polishes.  Every time I've ordered from WowSoCool, I've gotten shipping notice literally within a couple of hours of hitting Send Order, and they have yet to make a mistake on an order.  I love them!  There's not an end date set on the code yet, so get in on it while you can!

    I think that's everything, Dear Reader.  I hope you have a great Easter whether you celebrate it or not, and until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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