Savina Black Mist & One for Indi500Fan

    Good morning, Dear Reader! I'm up and around and loaded up on coffee early today!

    Last week, I was looking for a polish and instead ran into Savina Black Mist, which I'd forgotten about. It's a nifty sparkly black. Here's three coats with a top coat.

    Savina Nail Polish
    Savina Nail Polish Bottle

    And one for Indi500Fan! Indi's able to post links to pictures of cars that match nail polish colors, so when I placed my last H2T order, I had to get Misa Chrysler Red. I wore it right away, and here it is.

    Misa Nail Polish
    Misa Nail Polish Bottle

    So how did Misa do, Indi? Does the nail polish match the car?

    I might have more for you later, Dear Reader. Today I needed a ittle pick-me-up, and my mani to do so is nothing shy of spectacular! Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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