Technicolor Doll & Electro Candy

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    This morning's post isn't really about someone eating candy. Actually, I had a dilemma and chose this title over "Volt of Light Below the Belt," which made me laugh more, but I didn't have the nerve... It's about a Konadicure, of course!

    I started with Color Club Volt of Light from the Electro Candy Collection, only this time I took a good tip from Michelle at A Stroke of Color, who's The Queen of Neons. She told me to put white under it to make it more vivid and require less coats, so I tried it and she was right. The white I used was Essie Below the Belt. This is two coats of each.

    Color Club Electro Candy Nail Polish
    Color Club Electro Candy Nail Polish Bottle

    I then added some of Art Club's Technicolor Doll colors to it with Konad, using Electric Universe with plate M59 and Techicolor Doll with M62.

    Art Club Technicolor Doll Nail Polish
    Art Club Technicolor Doll Nail Polish Bottle

    My camera didn't quite catch the neon-ness of it - I'm blindingly, retina-searingly neon! I like it.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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