Zoya La-Di-Da Collection for Summer 2009

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I have something fun for you today: Zoya's La-Di-Da Collection for Summer 2009.  This is the collection of cremes, and some of them are amazingly vivid.  All are two coats over a base, with the exception of Pippa, which required three.

    Ali is a vivid neon pink creme.

    Zoya Ali Nail Polish

    Zoya Ali Nail Polish Bottle
    America is a slightly orange red creme.

    Zoya AmericaNail Polish

    Zoya AmericaNail Polish Bottle
    Dita is a berry creme.

    Zoya Dita Nail Polish Picture

    Zoya Dita Nail Polish Bottle Picture
    Paz is the orange of a crossing guard's sash!
    Zoya Paz Nail Polish Picture
    Zoya Paz Nail Polish Bottle Picture
    Pippa is a good yellow creme.
    Zoya Pippa Nail Polish Picture
    Zoya Pippa Nail Polish Bottle Picture
    Renee is a slightly berry version of Ali, and less neon.
    Zoya Renee Nail Polish Picture
    Zoya Renee Nail Polish Bottle Picture
    These all applied very well and are well pigmented, so I have no complaints at all.  Zoya released another collection with these, Ooh-La-La, which I'll try to have pictures of for you soon.
    Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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