Chanel L.A. Sunrise & Step One

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    This morning I was thinking of what color I'd like to use, and decided I should pull out a summery favorite that's been neglected for a while to unofficially start this summer. Since I ended last summer with Chanel's Robertson Collection, I thought I'd start Summer 2009 with one of them as well. It's tough for me to call a favorite from that collection since I really love them all, but since I wear yellows infrequently, I went with Chanel L.A. Sunrise. Want to hear the really good news about this Limited Edition Nail Polish? It's still available on Chanel's site, along with L.A. Sunset. Rodeo Drive and Melrose are gone, but the other two are still there.

    Even though I truly love L.A. Sunrise, it's not the easiest yellow for application. Yellows are, for me, the most temperamental color for application, and this one took four coats to be even and opaque (as many do). Here she is in the sun.

    Chanel Nail Polish
    ChanelNail Polish Bottle

    I live the subtle glowy shimmer of this one, as you can tell by the dent I've put in this bottle of nail polish (it's all the way down to the 287!). That's makes the first half of the title.

    The second half is Step One: My name is Siobhan, and I am a Konaddict. Yes, I did. I Konaded a Chanel LE! There was just so much plain space there, I had to do it. Perhaps once I am willing to admit that I am powerless over Konad and my life has become unmanageable, I'll be able to stop myself! Not in this twenty-four hours though...

    So I let my four coats dry, then pulled out Konad plate M68, Konad Princess Nail Polishes is Cool Red and Apple Green, and had at it. Indi500fan, don't look!

    Chanel Robertson Boulevard Nail Polish
    ChanelNail Robertson Boulevard Polish Bottle

    This is one I liked better without the Konad, but I thought I'd start working Step Twelve by carrying the message to other Konaddicts and sharing my experience, letting you know that you are not alone. If I can stop just one active Konaddict from over-Konading as I have, particularly on a high end limited edition nail polish, my failure of a Konadicure will have been worth it.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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