Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I awoke to a happy surprise this morning - a package from Jessica! She and I have been chatting over on the right lately, and then when she emailed me on a forum we're in recently, I discovered I've known her in a group for a couple of years. I've just had the fun of getting to know her personally lately. Anyhow, she sent me a package that I got first thing this morning that contained not one, but two, Chinoiserie nail polishes. How cool of her!!!

    Chinoiserie is the brand of polish that belong to Chinois Beauté Bar in LA, and my friend L8B has shown myriad pictures of different colors that had me interested in the brand. When Jessica offered to pick one up for me, I was thrilled, and she did a perfect job picking colors for me. So good, in fact, that I had to play with both to show them to you. First I'll show you the cool elaborate packaging of them. Here's Platinum in its box.

    Chinoiserie Nail Polish

    Here's the front of the bottle, which is really delicately ornate.

    Chinoiserie Nail Polish Bottle

    And the equally detailed back of the bottle.

    Chinoiserie Nail Polish Bottle Back

    Nice, isn't it? I was a little concerned about the shape of the bottle being hard to work with. In fact, that's what's kept me from trying this brand up until now, but I was wrong. When I polish my nails, I hold the bottle in the hand I'm painting, and much to my surprise the shape of this bottle was really handy for that. Here's my Nails of the Day, Platinum.

    Chinoiserie Platinum Nail Polish
    Chinoiserie Platinum Nail Polish Bottle

    Isn't it a great delicate Spring color? I love it!

    The other, which I broke into early early this morning, is just as beautiful in a completely different way, Peacock.

    Chinoiserie Peacock Nail Polish
    Chinoiserie Peacock Nail Polish Bottle

    That, Dear Reader, is my very happy introduction to Chinoiserie. I think I'm in love!

    Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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