Dazzle Dry Passion Purple & Konad Plate M56

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I used another Dazzle Dry nail polish last night, this time a moderate success - not the raging failure of the first, not the complete success of the second. Again, the ridges in my nails show even after three coats of color. It's a bummer - theses are good colors and really do dry fast, but I'm just not willing to weaken my nails with buffing to make them look right.

    Here's what Passion Purple looks like on its own.

    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish
    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Bottle

    Ridgetastic, no?

    I like the color though. It's the same color as the amethysts in my favorite earrings. I won't punish you with more pictures of jewelry, but my favorite earring have square cushion cut amethysts bordered with tsavorite garnets. I decided to add some true green to this manicure to make it even more like the earrings, added a tip pattern from Konad plate M56, then slapped on a coat of Diamont. Not quite as ridgerific, but still pretty bad. I might just redo using Pasadena Purple, we'll see. The nail polish used for the stamping is Konad Special Nail Polish in green.

    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Konadicure
    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Bottle Konadicure

    In the Konad pictures, you can see that the Diamont smoothed things out considerably, but that the ridges are still really pronounced. That may drive me too crazy to leave on!

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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