Dazzle Dry Success!!!

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I published a picture of my failed Dazzle Dry Oasis manicure this morning, and I was pretty bummed because some of the colors the company sent me looked really promising in the bottle. Also, it really did dry quickly, and they're 3-free, so I was hopeful that I'd found a new brand to check out. Not being one who's easily defeated, I decided to give them another go just a minute ago, and I had success!

    Here's the deal with Dazzle Dry, so you don't have to go back & look, plus a little more info: they're big three free, but it's a totally different formula than other B3F nail polishes, so you really do need to use the whole Dazzle Dry "system" of prep (a liquid to clean the nails with a saturated piece of felt or cotton), base coat, color, and top coat. The company recommends two coats of color, and after two coats, the one I just used successfully, Evening Song, was opaque. However, the failure this morning was that the vertical ridges in my nails showed badly, and they showed a tiny bit with two coats of Evening Song (though nothing like with this morning's Oasis). For the heck of it, I tried a third coat, and they're good! In the time it took to take pictures, add text to them, upload them, and write this far, my nails are completely dry. All's well so far. Here's Evening Song.

    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish
    Dazzle Dry Nail Polish Bottle

    My only concern now is that for a couple of months now, I've exclusively used Nu Nails as a base coat to grow out the stains on my nails, and Evening Song is one dark color. I'm hoping, really really really hoping, that the Dazzle Dry base coat doesn't let me down. I will be very sad if my nails are stained tomorrow! We'll see then.

    Until then, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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