Diamond Cosmetics Summer 2009 Collection

    These are now available on Diamond's site!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I have a new brand (for me) to show to you today, and it really surprised and pleased me. I'll tell you the little story of why: last week, I got an email from someone at Diamond Cosmetics offering me samples of their Summer 2009 Collection to swatch. Since I like to try and to show you lesser-known brands, I figured what the heck, and said sure. Then I went to their site, www.diamondcosmetics.com, and saw that these polishes are $2 each retail. At that price, I was thinking there was no way they'd be that good, but they proved me wrong, wrong, wrong. I really like them.

    They're free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (yay!!!), and apply about like Barielle Shades - a thick, somewhat gluey, well-pigmented Big 3 Free polish. That's not a criticism at all, just the easiest and most accurate way to describe the application. Since I've been sticking to 3-Free, I've gotten used to applying them, and thought they went on really well and were very surprisingly well pigmented.

    I swatched the six colors in this collection over one coat of Nubar Foundation Base Coat, which is like CND Stickey, but without the staining. The reason I always use a base when swatching is twofold: to protect my nice clean new growth from staining, and also to give the polish I'm swatching a fair representation. Since it will be worn over a base that grips it, it seems only reasonable to swatch over a base that grips it. Five of the six swatches are two coats, with one being three, all photographed under a good halogen light while wet, no top coat except for the one which is my NOTD.

    I just checked www.diamondcosmetics.com and saw that they list the colors online by number rather than name, so I'll give you the number for each. I can't find this collection online yet, but I'm going to email the contact there and tell her so - maybe they'll put them up this week. In order to end strong, I'll show them to you in numerical order (the last three are great!).

    First, #323 is Passion Pink, a deep, intense pink creme that stops shy of being hot pink.

    Summer 2009 Collection Nail Polish
    Summer 2009 Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    Second in line is the three-coater, Fiery Coral, #324. It's a strong coral with a hot pink shimmer. The shimmer in the bottle is pretty strong, but much more subtle on the nail.

    Diamond Summer 2009 Nail Polish
    Diamond Summer 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    Next is is Cotton Candy, #325, which is a basic modern pink with a very, very slight shimmer. In the bottle, the shimmer shows up, but no so much on the nail.

    Diamond Cosmetics Summer 2009 Nail Polish
    Diamond Cosmetics Summer 2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    Don't Teal My Heart Away, #326, is my NOTD with a coat of Diamont over it, and one coat of this teal creme was almost sufficient for opacity. This one is particularly noteworthy because $0.25 of the sale of each (12.5% of the total price) goes to ovarian cancer research.

    Ovarian Cancer Research Nail Polish
    Ovarian Cancer Research Nail Polish Bottle

    #327, Hot Summer Pink, is a really fantastic glittery hot pink. It has a subtle pink flash and lots of silver microglitter in a HOT pink base. I ♥ this one!

    2009 3 Free Nail Polish
    2009 3 Free Nail Polish Bottle

    We end on a strong note with Oh Tiff!, #328, which is presumably Tiffany & Company inspired. I find the shade slightly more grey than a true Tiffany blue, but that's not a bad thing at all. I really love this color! In the bottle, there's a subtle shimmer than doesn't really show on the nail.

    2009 Nail Polish
    2009 Nail Polish Bottle

    That, Dear Reader, is Diamond Cosmetics' Summer 2009 Collection. I'm really impressed, especially for $2 a pop. You'll likely see more of these from me!

    Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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