Illamasqua: The Phallic Rampage

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I told you I had something I was looking forward to showing you - Illamasquas! For the title, I had to put these two together. It was necessary.

    First up is Phallic, which is a deep blue with a subtle shimmer indoor, and a real sparkle in the sun. This is two coats.

    Illamasqua Nail Polish
    Illamasqua Nail Polish Bottle

    Next up is Rampage, the love child of NARS Zulu and Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle. This is a jelly dark green, three coats.

    Illamasqua Green Nail Polish
    Illamasqua Green Nail Polish Bottle

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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