Nubar Conserve the Garden Konadicure

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm finally getting caught up on posting pictures. This time, I have today's actual KOTD for you.

    I've been trying to hold off on using my Nubar greens until everybody can have them, but I'm weak. Conserve was sitting on my shelf just staring at me, calling out to me, for the last few days, and I finally cracked and used it. I simply had to!

    I only had twenty minutes before I had to leave this morning when I started my manicure, so I just removed the old, did a coat of Nu Nails, two coats of Conserve, topped it with Diamont, and ran out the door. I got to my destination, and the receptionist just stared at my nails for a moment and commented on what a fantastic color it is. Then I met with my lawyer (who always has a short acrylic French mani with perpetual tip wear), and she told me what a spectacular color it is. How fun!

    I stopped to pick something up on my way home, and the cashier commented on it as well (and asked if I really do my nails every single week - ha!). The real kicker was when I made one more stop at a little nail salon to see what there was to see, and both manicurists complimented Conserve. Five compliments in one day, let alone on just a plain mani rather than nail art, is now my personal record. Yay!

    Once I got home, I decided to take a little Konad break before I went about doing some work. I thought I'd make a little garden scene. I started with a floral pattern from Konad plate M67 using White Konad Special Nail Polish offset at the cuticle, then added a butterfly coming in for a landing to my tips from Konad plate M26 using Yellow Konad Special Nail Polish. I took pics outside in the somewhat hazy sunlight to show you the wicked shimmer the base nail polish has.

    Nubar Green Konadicure Nail Polish
    Konad Special Nail Polish Bottle

    I've come to the conclusion that even though they can be a little messier to work with, I really do generally prefer Konad nail polishes for stamping. The only difference I can tell between the Special and Princess polishes is the shape and volume of the bottle and the color selection. The stamps just come out more opaque, crisp, and clean than when I use regular nail polish. The exceptions to that would be chromes, holos, and for silver and gold I favor Orly Dazzle and Orly Glitz to any others I've tried. Using the new Princess Nail Polishes I recently got has reminded me how much better they really are.

    On the topic of Konad polishes, check them out at Wow So Cool. That's where I got my recent haul, and it was 20% off with code "nailphile" (it applies to plates as well), and shipping's free over $20. I strongly recommend the Princess Polishes - they've added some seriously hot colors, and they're a little bit cheaper per ounce than the Princess Polishes. I've bought almost all of my Konad supplies from Wow So Cool, and they've never failed me. This last batch of Princess Polishes has me all fired up about Konad again, even more than getting new plates has in the past. I'm having a blast!

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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