Nubar Inspiration for the 20% Off Sale

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I was reading Scrangie a little bit ago, and saw she was good enough to post inspirational pictures for you for the Nubar 20% Off $50+ code, which is good through Friday (MAY092050). I thought I'd do the same for you, since searching my blog for Nubar nail polish will yield eighteen zillion results. I thought I'd just give you some favorites to look at.

    I'll start with one of their classics, Indigo Ocean, which I misleabeled (oops!). There's no top coat on this yet, just two coats of color over a base, but you can see the reflection of the camera - it's really shiny.

    Nubar Coupon Nail Polish

    I added one coat of the best glitter of all time, Angelic Glitter to it. It's like Esssie Starry Starry Night really amped up.

    Nubar Coupon Code Nail Polish

    Then there's Isis Purple with more of the decals - the decals are Nubar Nail Gems. They rock.

    Nubar Nail Gems Nail Polish

    Here's where we go to The Vault for pictures, so my nails will go long, short, long, short... please forgive that and just gaze at the pretty colors! I just published the California Dreamin' Collection, and every one of those is noteworthy. So is Peacock Feathers, another absolute classic that took a lot of pictures to even give you a sense of.

    My favorite yellow creme, opaque and even in two coats, is Lemon Sorbet.

    Nubar 20% Off Nail Polish

    Green Tea is another one from the Pastel Fever Collection that is really unique, also good in two coats.

    Nubar Sale Nail Polish

    From Get Hot with Nubar, Hot Green is truly a winner. This is two coats without a top coat.

    Nubar 20% Sale Nail Polish

    So's Hot Blue, also two coats without a top coat.

    Nubar 20% Sale Nail Polish Swatches

    Here are some of my all time favorite duochromes, two coats each.

    Indigo Illusion. That is all.

    Nubar Nail Polish Swatches

    Big time classic: Purple Beach

    Nubar Nail Lacquer Swatches

    Moonshadow - I think this is my #1 favorite duochrome. It definitely doesn't get enough love - I think it should be up there with Purple Beach.

    Nubar Sale Nail Lacquer Swatches

    Gold Leaf

    Nubar Nail Lacquer Swatches

    Sun Gold

    Nubar Swatches

    Dreamer's Island

    Nubar Nail Swatches

    And how could it be a Best of Nubar post without any Liquid Metals?

    Unfaithful Red. Look at how it glows!

    Nubar Nail Polish Swatches

    And of course, Black Chrome.

    Nubar Polish Swatches

    That's it for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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