Nubar Parisian Collection for Summer 2009

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I got a package today, and in it was Nubar's Parisian Collection for Summer 2009. It's a collection of sheers, pinks, and nudes (quite the opposite of the upcoming greens!), but there are some really good colors here. I just checked, and they're on Nubar's site now.

    I'll just get the sheers out of the way because I'm really uncomfortable in them since I discovered how stained my nails are. I look forward to the day I can proudly wear a sheer! These are all three coats over a base, and I only did one picture of each so the page would load this century.

    Parc Floral Pink is a very sheer pink creme, and unfortunately, my grody stained nails show through it.

    Nubar Nail Polish

    Louvre Nude is a sheer nude creme, not quite as sheer as the first, and it hides my nails a little better.

    Nubar Parisian Nail Polish

    Whew! Now we can move on to colors that I'm a little more comfortable in! There are still a couple of sheer ones, but they're sprakly or flashy so it's more okay.

    Eiffel Tower Sparkle is a sheer sparkly pink,which does cover up my nails with its sparkliness.

    Nubar Sheer Nail Polish

    La Seine Shimmer is a sheer pink with a strong blue flash.

    Nubar Pink Nail Polish

    That brings us to the opaque colors. Yay!!!

    Notre Dame Nude is a barely-pink opaque nude creme.

    Nubar Nude Nail Polish

    Hôtel Baby Pink is a very pale opaque pink creme.

    Nubar Pink Nail Polish

    Champs-Elysees Pink is a more medium pink with a secret shimmer.

    Nubar Pink Shimmer Nail Polish

    Finally, Cineaqua Shimmer is an almost metallic corally shimmer.

    Nubar Coral Shimmer Nail Polish

    I was particularly partial to the sparkliness of Eiffel Tower Sparkle and the blue flash of La Seine Shimmer, so I thought I'd see what they'd look like layered over the opaque cremes of this collection. Here they are - I left Cineaqua Shimmer on my thumb and pinky because I was scarred by the nakedness of the sheers above.

    Nubar Sparkle Layered Nail Polish

    Nubar Flash Layered Nail Polish

    Definitely some potential there!

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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