Shimmer Matte Nail Polish

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm fired up about the prospect of some shimmer matte nail polishes on the near horizon for us, but as I've told you, waiting is really, really not my strong suit! Yep, you know where I'm going with this - that means I had to go and see what would happen if I put matte top coat on some shimmer polishes. It turns out that it makes a really cool effect.

    We'll start out with some more Springy/Summery colors. Since the top coat is Nubar's V for Men and I have never used it with other brands, I didn't feel like experimenting when I had five different polishes on my hand, so they're all Nubars. From thumb to pinky, Ornage Crush, Indigo Ocean, Mellow Yellow, Mali Blue, and Je T'Aime.

    First before the top coat...

    Nubar Matte Top Coat

    Then with it...

    Matte Top Coat

    The other colors I tried are Hollywood Pink, Unfaithful Red (nice application skills!), the not-yet-released Greener, Pasadena Purple, and Burnt Copper. Here's before...

    Nubar Matte V For Men Top Coat

    And after...

    Matte Top Coat Nail Polish

    Pretty cool, huh? So for those of us who have a hard time waiting until July, we can do this now!

    Also, I got an email from Nubar that they have another deal going, this time a free base coat & Diamont with orders over $50. They're being good to us lately!

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Untul tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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