Coral Blue Konad Princess Nail Polish over Volt of Light

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I told you I'd be back with something a little better than this morning's Wet N Wild, and here I am!

    Now I have today's Konadicure for you to see. I got up early, so I was up for the effort of Color Club's Volt of Light from the Electro Candy Collection as a base. Volt of Light is one high-maintenance nail polish! On its own, it take me six coats to reach bottle color, and today over a soft white base, it still took four coats. However, for a great highlighter yellow shimmer, it's occasionally worth the effort. Since I had the time before the rest of the world awoke today, I went for it.

    Once Volt of Light dried (about 20 minutes after a coat of Diamont), I stamped it with a swirly ribbony pattern from Konad Plate M69, using Coral Blue Konad Princess Nail Polish. I really love my Konad Princess Polishes - they're great colors, and they work so well for stamping, providing a clean, crisp stamp. They're still 20% off with code "nailphile" at Wow So Cool, with free shipping over $20, so if you're thinking of trying them, now's a good time.

    Here's what the finished manicure looks like.

    Konad Princess Nail Polish
    Konad Princess Konadicure Nail Polish Bottle

    It's kind of a retina-burning manicure, but I'm really digging the neons and brights for Summer. With the Fall collections already coming out, there's barely been time to enjoy the Summer colors, so I decided to go back to those and have some fun with them (Fall will come soon enough!). Even though Color Club's Electro Candy Collection is high maintenance in that each takes a lot of coats to be opaque, I really love this collection's colors. I just have to make sure I have sufficient time for all that polish to dry when I use them!

    That's all for today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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