L'Oreal Pro Brights for Summer 2009

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I'm back home, and I accomplished my mission: I found a fabulous little house to move to! It's better than I'd even hoped for, so I'm all happy. I won't have a Chanel boutique, a Sephora, a Nordstroms, or an Ulta, but I'll have a yard, quiet, a sky where I can actually see the moon and the stars, and a lot of good friends and my dad with me. I'm happy!

    But that's not what we're here for! We're here for nail polish. And as luck would have it, I have pictures of some for you! I found the new L'Oreal Pro brights display downstate, and I sprung for them since they were so much cheaper there than here. I'm reasonably certain they're Big 3 Free, although truth be told, they have one heck of a lot of ingredients and I got tired of reading the label. I also don't know the name of the collection. I noted it and promptly forgot, so if you know, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

    These also don't represent my best applicatione ever, so sorry about that! On the last forty miles of my drive home, I was enjoying the adrenaline rush of being one of a seemingly infinite line of cars in the left lane, all doing 85 and all protecting our territory by leaving less than a car length of following distance, way too much to notice that I was really white-knuckling it, so my right hand was a little tired and shaky when I did these swatches. They're not perfect, but they show you the colors.

    These are all three coats over a base, and I'll show them to you in order of their finishes.

    First we have the cremes, which are all solid colors. Yellow Buzz is a great crayon-yellow.

    LOreal Pro Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Nail Polish Bottle

    Sizzling Tangerine is an aptly named hot tangerine creme.

    LOreal Pro Summer 2009 Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Nail Summer 2009 Polish Bottle

    My favorite, of course, is Purple Pop.

    LOreal Pro Brights Summer 2009 Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Brights Nail Summer 2009 Polish Bottle

    Next, we have the shimmers. I'll show these to you in ascending order of shimmeriness (new word!), because the first was disappointing.

    Rockin' Pink would have been, had it been as sparkly on the nail as in the bottle, but no such luck. There are gold sparkly bits in the bottle that don't show on the nail.

    LOreal Pro Shimmer Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Shimmer Nail Polish Bottle

    Shocking Green is a good one, and the sparkly bits I was looking for in Rockin' Pink show up on the nail with this one.

    LOreal Pro Green Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Green Nail Polish Bottle

    The most shimmery of all is Electric Blue, a sparkly medium blue.

    LOreal Pro Blue Nail Polish
    LOreal Pro Blue Nail Polish Bottle

    So that's the report for now, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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