Lippmann Collection 10th Anniversary: Funky Chunky

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I'd planned to wear a color called Lucy in the Sky, but it's a happier shade than I'm feeling today. Instead, I thought I'd show you Lippmann's Funky Chunky, which really just looks like Fade to Black with textural issues.

    I'd planned Lucy in the Sky because today is the first anniversary of my mom's death, and although only doctors and the IRS called her by her given name, Lucille, when I was a kid my dad would run around the house singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

    I'd also planned to tell you a funny story about her, but I'm too much of a train wreck to come up with a good one. I'll just tell you she had the classic Irish gift of gab, and she'd tell funny stories all the time, but she'd be dying laughing the whole time with her super contagious laugh, so a whole room full of listeners would be laughing with no idea why we were laughing.

    Ah, I just came up with a classic... She was also a practical jokester. She was a nun for 18 years, and once while cleaning the church, found a great big dead cockroach. She picked it up and saved it, and when she had a chance, slipped it into the rosary case of another nun who was often the target of her jokes. The next day during prayers when the other nun opened her rosary case, saw the roach, shrieked, and my mom started maniacally laughing. She was funny as hell. I miss her a lot.

    Back to Funky Chunky - it's really just chunky, and not in a good way. The hex glitter doesn't show at all, it just screws up the texture of the polish. This is far from my best application, but I assume you'll forgive me. I selected pictures that best show the textural issues I'm talking about.

    Lippmann Collection Nail Polish
    Nordstrom Exclusive Nail Polish Bottle

    Isn't that weird how the glitter doesn't show? I didn't need Superstar, so I paid a lot for Ruby Red Slippers since this one's a great big fail.

    Last day for the unrelated note: check out my dad at Woodlines. He has a piece for my mom today, but his is more upbeat.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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