Nubar Coupon Code: 15% Off $30+

    Hello again, Dear Reader!

    I'm dragging my feet getting out of here. One last check of everything, and I just received a Twitter update (a Tweet? I'm not cool and don't know what the kids call these new-fangled things!) from Nubar with a 15% off of $30 or more. The code is "tweet15," and is good today only.

    You've seen most of my Nubar stuff, Scrangie, The Polish Addict, Michelle at A Stroke of Color, and Jinnzor at Polish Pixie are all Nubar fans as well. I'm sure I've missed others and apologize for that, these are just the ladies I know are fans of Nubar and have swatches on their blogs.

    Now I have to hit the road! Happy hauling, and until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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