Nubar Modern Matte Collection

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I have quite a surprise for you that was a surprise for me - Nubar's Modern Matte Collection. They showed up here this afternoon, and after I picked my chin up off of the floor, I started swatching them.

    There are three notable things about them: (i) they can be used with a base and top coat, so no nail staining (and we'll get to the top coat part...); (ii) they are incredibly pigmented, being opaque in one coat (I did two to be consistent with other Nubar swatches); (iii) they're crazy quick-dry. I took the matte pics below within one minute of painting the fifth nail (yes, I only did my left hand), and they were dry enough to be matte. By the time I came back in from the balcony taking the pictures, they were bone-dry - it was like removing a worn manicure to change colors. I've never seen anything like these.

    My pics don't do them justice, but they're all I've got to show you. Since I've been all about making things matte lately, I decided to make these shiny as well, and they're unbelievable both ways. Take a peek!

    Contempo is a bright shimmery cherry red. Here's matte (not my best application, but I was all excited and my hands got shaky!).

    Nubar Modern Matte Collection Nail Polish Bottle

    And here's the same polish with a coat of Diamont over it. The shimmer is insane with a top coat.

    Nubar Modern Matte Nail Polish Bottle

    Avant-Garde is a deep coppery russet matte shimmer.

    Nubar Matte Nail Polish Bottle

    Topped with a coat of Diamont, the shimmer in this one just comes alive.

    Nubar Nail Polish Bottle

    Prevail is just unbelievable. It's a cool slightly grey purple with a boatload of shimmer.

    Nubar Purple Nail Polish Bottle

    I don't even know what to tell you about the shimmer with a top coat - it's way too cool to describe. Take a look, especially at the depth of color from the center of the nail to the sides.

    Nubar Shimmer Nail Polish Bottle

    That brings us to the last one, Vital, which is a matte purpley wine shade with a ton of super-fine shimmer, some of it pink.

    Nubar Wine Nail Polish Bottle

    Shiny, you can see the shimmer much more clearly.

    Nubar Shiny Nail Polish Bottle

    I think these are the mattes to end all mattes. They're just amazing. I know I keep using vague adjectives, but I'm at a loss for better words!

    These are going to be available in July, and they're limited edition. I think that's all I know! Feel free to ask questions - I'll tell you whatever I can (it seems like I'm forgetting something).

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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