sorry for my lazy!

    walao.. guess how long i've never been writting my blog?? more than 6months! gosh.. i'm a lazy pig!(yeah i am a pig!). oh well... today is sunday so i'm actually "off" and no more work. weird right? nailist never work on sunday! sunday always the busies day of the entire week.. but i just don work on sunday!
    well.. i'll be attending some function today and it will be using my whole day..don't really know what the function is.. i think i'll be kinda boring there.actually i don't feel like goin but i have already promise my friend.. so have to loh..
    ok.. aout my job! very simple only loh.... just to help my customer to make their nail pretty and nicely loh... sometime helps customer to solve their problem the way.. i always need to learn new things so i can keeping my interest on this job.. u know lah.. sometime keep doing the same thing for many years u'll feel boring mah.. so learn new things loh. ok lah.. finish my second post here cos i need to go out leh... see ya!

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