what is healthy for everyonw nowadays?

    It is very weird that when i talk to some of my friends that bout losing some weight and gain back the healthy body, i found out that they weren't very interesting bout the topic. It is healthy is not very important for everyone nowadays? poeple rather taking outside food cause these are more easy and more delicious for them? but how bout the nutritions from foods? eating outside food will only make u to gain more weight and lost more health. there is a chinese sentence which is very good "sick come in from mouth".. the fact is all bout the food that we eat. y people are having so much of sickness for now? of cos some are from the family,but mainly is all from the food that we eat now. wat we have for bearkfirst, lunch and dinner is all deep fried, nasi lemak, roti canai, seafood, meat..etc. these kind of havenly food cos us to have high blood presure,heart attack so many more. cant we quit up this bad habbit to have a healthy nutricious food? i have succeed. how bout u?
    i am very happy today cos i just meet a new friend from japan, she is a nail artis too.. i'm so happy that she willing to be friend with me.. so propely next time we can have a very nice talk bout our career and interest~~~~nail.
    well.. tonight i'm actually having a nutricious club member dinner at kl. our members like a big whole family, cos we eating togather , playing together. is really fun with it. the food is also very nice. those who just came back from korea, congratulation and welcome back.,., do teach us more bout our nutricious food and experiences..ok?
    that's all loh.. what should i write? better go to bed le cos tmr need to wake up early for my nutricious breakfirst.. good night!

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