BB Couture Hot Rod Collection, The Oranges

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I recently got the BB Couture Hot Rod Collection, and have two of the six to show to you today, the orange ones. When they arrived, the first I dug into was Hot Spot, a bright red orange shimmer. I had high hopes for Hot Rod, but was a bit disappointed. Three uber thick coats later, I still have VNL with it. In the bright light I photographed it under, it's not as noticeable as walking around, but it's there. It's a really pretty color, so I'll probably do some experimenting with a white base under it to fix that, but that means it's a high-maintenance nail polish to apply.

    BB Couture Nail Polish
    BB Couture Nail Polish Bottle

    The other orange in the bunch is Crusin (yes, "Crusin"). This one is an orange creme, a bit too deeply colored to be a pastel. It also took three thick coats, but is opaque and even. What I notice about this one is something I rarely encounter. Since I'm so pale, I don't have troubles with colors clashing with my skintone. Usually. Crusin does - it's likely one of, if not the most, unflattering shades of nail polish I've worn.

    BB Couture Hot Rod Nail Polish
    BB Couture Hot Rod Nail Polish Bottle

    I'm wearing Crusin now, and plan to Konad over it in red in hopes of making it look less pukey on me.

    Of the ones I've tried thus far, I've found that the application is acceptable - the formula's not bad, but it takes at least three thick coats and the brush is long and skinny, thus somewhat floppy. Not the easiest to work with, but not awful since I'm able to get a decent manicure out of them.

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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